Light Dep Controller for Cannabis Greenhouses

light dep automatic controller

Custom Automated Light Deprivation Schedule

The CLD-2MO timed light dep controller to allow our customers to fully automate their light deprivation systems. This controller converts AC power to 24 Volt DC to simultaneously power two (2) low voltage motors.  This multi-phase controller allows the grower to easily create a custom automated light deprivation schedule. Get the benefits of the correct amount of exposure for optimal growth and yield. Equipped with a manual override, you will never be without a way to protect your crops.


Great For

  • Cannabis Production
  • Mum Production
  • Poinsettia Production

CLD-2MO Light Dep Controller System FEATURES:

  • Digital timer automation
  • Manual override switches allow for individual motor control
  • Large 600 W transformer operates (2) LVM180 motors
  • Internal circuit breakers for motor and controller protection
  • Enable up to 8 full cycles per day

Pricing for Light Dep Controller by Cell phone