Athletic and Recreational Building- Train Anytime!

Britespan Fabric Covered Recreational Buildings offer Wide-Open Interiors with no interior columns to get in the way! Low Cost Per Square Foot Too!

Indoor sports fabric structure


Indoor tennis, riding arenas, sports facilities, cycling and athletic training gyms are tailor made with a fabric building solution

There is nothing better than getting exercise when it is raining or snowing outside, when you don't have to fight the elements.  Playing tennis indoors has so many advantages! No sun in your eyes, shadows on the court,  wind to move the ball, or weather to stop your game. The same goes for soccer, riding, ice hockey, biking, swimming and more.

Britespan offers the widest product line in the fabric building industry, with engineered structures from 24’ to 300’ wide to any length. We provide building solutions for every application that are efficient to build and have lower ongoing operating costs than traditional buildings. 

There are so many designs to choose from. The clearspan design offers and economical solution for building your recreational or athletic building.

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