Greenhouse Supplies- Fans, Heaters, Light Deprivation...

Light Dep Greenhouse Supplies and General Greenhouse Supplies

Greenhouse Heater

Modine Hot Dawg Heater

  • Low Profile
  • 1" below the Ceiling
  • Made in USA

Drop-Down/Roll-Up Curtains

Greenhouse Sidewall Curtains

  • Arched Greenhouse Curtain
  • Straight Wall Greenhouse Curtain
  • Double Bar Curtain Wall System

Environmental Controllers

  • Single Zone
  • Multi-Zone

Greenhouse Fans

Circulation Fans

  • Slant Wall Fan
  • Shutter Fan
  • Exhaust Shutters

Light Dep Greenhouse

Light Deprivation Curved Structure

  • Outside greenhouse
  • Inside the greenhouse
  • For freestanding greenhouses
Learn more about Light Dep Greenhouses here.

What is a commercial greenhouse?

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