GPS Crash Plastic Wrap for wrapping vehicles for towing and transport

Crash Plastic Wrap


GPS Crash Plastic Wrap is a flexible and strong  self adhesive 3mil  plastic sheeting product that is used to wrap crashed vehicles to protect them from losing parts/ cracked glass during transport.  GPS Crash Plastic Wrap keeps the weather out.

GPS Crash Plastic Wrap is the collision wreck wrap/ film of choice.

  • The wrapped vehicle won’t lose the film during towing. Great adhesive strength!
  • Openings that are sealed with GPS Crash Plastic Wrap will keep out rain, snow, dust,  and wind.
  • Dependable and durable.  Stocked in 2 and 3 mil. 5 mil can be ordered.
  • Puncture resistant plastic wrap has UV inhibitors.
  • UV resistant. You can leave it on for 180 days.
  • Leaves no adhesive transfer on any surface it it adhered to (molding, paint, aluminum, etc)
  • Clear in color