Dura-Skrim Reinforced Plastic Sheeting from Raven Industries- 2.8 mil, 8 mil, 10 mil, 12 mil, and up

Dura-Skrim - the scrim/ string reinforced plastic sheeting manufactured by Raven Industries, offers the following benefits roll after roll. The USA made ISO 9001:2000 certified management system insures its quality! Look for the Dura-Skrim Logo to insure you are getting what you are paying for.

Benefits for most Dura-Skrim Products include:

  • High Puncture Resistance
  • High Tear Resistance
  • Low Permeability
  • Pin Hole Free
  • Economical
  • Good Outdoor Longevity

DURA-SKRIM 2FR-String Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

DURA-SKRIM 2FR is one of our customer's favorite 6 mil string reinforced plastic sheeting products because of its versatility! This polyethylene film is a fire-retardant product that is difficult to puncture, and has high tear strengths. 

Dura-Skrim 2 Fr comes in 12' x 100' and 20' x 100' rolls 

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___________________________________________________DURA-SKRIM Dura-Skrim 6WB- Plastic Sheeting Reinforced with "String"

Dura-Skrim 6 WB is an economical, skrim reinforced polyethylene film .

Uses: Temporary Erosion Control,  Concrete Curing Covers,Silage Covers,Temporary Walls

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Dura-Skrim 6 White White (WW) won't absorb heat like a black product. This 6 mil plastic sheeting product makes a great lining for ice skating rinks. The water will freeze faster, and have a crisp clean look. The white reflect the sun's rays keeping it cooler.

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Dura-Skrim 8 WB (White on one side, black on the other) is an 8 mil plastic sheeting product which is often used for use as a rail car cover, erosion control and daily landfill covers.

Dura-Skrim 8 White/ Black Roll Sizes:

6.167' x 100',   12' x 100', 20' x 100', 24' x 100'

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Dura-Skrim 12 WB (12 mil)

Out of stock on the 12' x 100' and the 6' x 100'. Please ask about the equivalent, Poly Scrim 12 WW which comes in the same sizes.

Dura-Skrim 12 WB contains UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to enhance outdoor life. This plastic sheeting had heavy duty scrim reinforcement in a diamond shape pattern to react quickly to tears by surrounding them.

Dura-Skrim 12 WB meets or exceeds ASTM E1745 Class C as an under slab vapor retarder.

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