GPS Safety Strapping- Strong Polyester Strapping

GPS Safety Strapping

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  • Safer and Superior alternative to steel banding 
  • High-tenacity polyester strapping
  • Designed for load containment applications 
  • Retains its high level of tension! 
  • Reduces the potential for product damage and personal injury
  • Weighs less than steel strapping   MORE

Red Line Zip Lock Resealable Poly Bags

Red Line Poly Bags

Minigrip's flagship resealable bag has withstood the test of time. Since introducing the first reclosable, resealable bag in the US over 50 years ago, our Premium Red Line™ Reclosable Bag remains the standard. With so many size and film thickness options, it’s easy to see why Minigrip's exclusive Color Line™ zipper bag - with its "easy open/close" zipper - is so popular and widely used. It fits any industrial need. Remember, the Red Line™ on the lip of the bag is our guarantee of consistent quality...each and every time. 


  • Ease: Premium zipper easily snaps open - even with one hand - and zips securely shut.
  • Clarity: Superior clarity that you can see.
  • Packaging: Most sizes of Red Line™ Bags are packaged in convenient DispenserBag® Packaging. Remove a bag at a time through the mid package opening or...through the zipper at the top!
  • Packaged in high quality corrugated boxes for reliable storage and easy handling.
  • Manufactured with 100% FDA-approved virgin LDPE and LLDPE resins.
  • Reinforced zipper and side seams to keep bags from splitting when opened or filled.

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Accessories- Tacky Door Mat, Tarp Grabber 

Foundation Pins:

Foundation pin 

These Push Pin nylon fasteners are often called “Christmas Tree” fasteners.  These White pins securely hold plastic sheeting to foundation walls.  These are most popular in crawlspace encapsulations and basement applications.  Ideally, these are tapped into holes drilled through the vapor retarder, through the double-sided butyl rubber tape, and into the foundation wall.  The experts recommend using these fasteners every 18” to 30”, plus as close as possible to both inside and outside corners.  Packed in bags of 100 each for $20.00 per bag.

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