GPS Fire Retardant Strapping (White with the red tracer liner)

Ultra Strapping FR The White Woven Polyester Strap


This poly strapping has  red tracer lines "Redstripe" that meets the requirements of  the  NFPA 701, "Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films, 2015 edition,  (Test 1, Small Scale)  for being fire retardant! This strapping out performs steel strapping/ banding in so many ways! The U.S. Navy has specified fire retardant strapping for a wide variety of applications. Ultra Strapping FR  is specifically formulated to meet or exceed the break strength of steel banding/strapping. No longer do you have to worry about steel banding snapping and injuring you. Safety Strapping replaces steel banding. It is as strong and is more economical!

  • Coil Weighs 1/4 the weight of steel strap coils.
  • Disposal is fast and easy.
  • No rust, stains or damage to the product.
  • Reduced failure rate compared to steel strapping.
  • Virtually eliminate worker comp issues related to back injuries or skin lacerations.
  • Ability to re-tention strap and re-use strap.

The FR version is ideal for applications where fire retardancy and safety are desired.

Download the data sheet for Ultra Strapping FR here

Click here for NFPA 701-15 fire cert. for 3/8" inch Strapping

Click here for NFPA 701-15 fire cert for 3/4" inch Strapping

Poly Strapping FR


Watch the Ultra Strapping Fire Retardant Version withstand fire, while the non-fire retardant catches fire and burns.  Insist on GPS FR Strapping!

Regular Orange Strapping Non Fire Retardant
Buy Plastic NOw

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Ultra Strapping FR and Regular Orange Strapping Samples!!!

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