Black/White Plastic Sheeting and White-Black Combo
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White Plastic, Black Plastic, and Black/White Combination

Plastic Sheeting comes in a variety of colors depending upon what it is designed for. Below is a chart of the polyethylene fims that come in white, black or a combination of black and white.


White Plastic Sheeting


Black Plastic Sheeting

Black and White combination


4 mil Black Plastic

Crawlspace 1800Buy White plastic

Absorb Floor Plastic


8 mil black Plastic

Dura-Skrim 6WB, 8WB, 12WB

Dura-Skrim 6 WW


Dura-Skrim 6BB

VaporBlock Plus 6

Dura-Skrim 20WW

 20 mil plastic sheeting

Dura-Skrim 12BB

Poly Scrim 6

Padded Floor Plastic

Poly Scrim 6

 Rufco A5WB

Vapor Escape



Padded Sole Plastic



Bulk Head Padded Plastic



Poly Scrim 6



Rufco A5WB- Black on one side, white on the other.


Rufco A5Wb Heavy Plastic Sheeting

Rufco A5WB

Rufco® A5WB is a 5 mil black/white smooth plastic sheeting. You have the best of both worlds.  Black on one side that enhances outdoor life.  The other side is opaque white which reflects the sun and reduces condensation and heat build up. 


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