White Plastic Sheeting, Black Plastic Sheeting, and Black and White Combination

Plastic Sheeting comes in a variety of colors depending upon what it is designed for. Below is a chart of the polyethylene films that come in white, black or a combination of black and white. Dura-Skrim products are manufactured by Raven Industries.


White Plastic Sheeting


Black Plastic Sheeting

Black and White combination


4 mil Black PlasticBuy White plastic

Crawlspace 1800Buy White plastic

Dura-Skrim 6 WW


8 mil black Plastic

Buy White plastic

Dura-Skrim 6WB, 8WB, 12WB

Buy White plastic



VaporBlock Plus 6

Dura-Skrim 20WW

 20 mil plastic sheeting



Poly Scrim 6

Poly Scrim 6

Poly Scrim 6


 Heat Shrink Wrap

 C&A Black Plastic- assorted mils

Buy White plastic