Self Adhesive (Sticky) and Non Self Adhesive Films, Anti Static Plastic Films

GPS Carpet Plastic/ Carpet Covering- The carpet protector! The reverse wound sticky self-adhesive polyethylene film for Carpet Protection that keeps carpets CLEAN! Available in FR. Great for Parties too...Party Plastic!

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Carpet Plastic carpet Plastic removal resized 600

Dealer Must Remove resized 600

GPS Carpet Plastic,the carpet protector is a virtually clear**, reverse wound, sticky side out self-adhesive carpet protection film (plastic sheeting) that will withstand construction activities, weekend painting projects and foot traffic for 45 days in normal circumstances, keeping the carpet the way you found it before you started working. Use it as a carpet runner for open houses! Keep a roll on hand so you have it when you need it.

Check out some stand-out features:

  •  3 mil Self-adhesive, State-of-the-art adhesive system
  • Water-based acrylic
  • Won't discolor carpets
  • Stocked in Automotive, RV & Exposition plus Fire Retardant
  • Leaves NO adhesive residue
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  •  Made in the USA- which means your carpet won't be ruined by imported solvent based adhesives that leave behind residue or change or carpet orange!
  • 24" x 200'
  • 36" x 200'
  • 36" x 500'
  • 48" x 500'

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Need to protect you carpet during a lead-based paint job, Carpet Plastic is perfect for the job!

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Correx FR is a fire retardant Fluted 4mm Plastic Sheet Material.  It's the lightweight fluted plastic that is durable, and great for protecting hard wood flooring. Please click here to go to the Correx Page.


NASA Plastic- The Padded Non- Adhesive, Self-Adhesive film

That's right. This film doesn't have adhesives yet it is self-adhesive! Comes in Fire Retardant- passing the NFPA 701 Test 1 Flamability Test, and non-Fire Retardant!

NASA comes in 3 mil, 5 mil, 10 mil, 15 mil and 20 mil!

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Glass/Window Plastic-Self-Adhesive Window protection for protecting glass windows during construction/renovation- In Clear and Blue!

Glass PlasticGlass Plastic Removal resized 600

GPS Glass Plastic- 180- Day  (Free Shipping)

  • 180 Day glass plastic
  • 3 mil  glass films
  • Stocked in blue and clear
  • Self-adhesive polyethylene films
  • State-of-the-art adhesive systems
  • If the windows are operational, they can be opened and closed for interior ventilation, without damaging the protection
  • 24" x 500'- blue
  • 30" x 500'- blue
  • 24" x 600'- clear

So often, window panes get scratched during construction. Anyone with experience in the construction industry will agree that windows must be protected during the entire construction process. The enforcement of this protection is the responsibility of every general contractor. Global Plastic Sheeting offers 2 different glass/window protection films, in both blue and clear versions, to alleviate those mishaps.

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GPS Countertop Plastic- Protect Hard Damage Prone Surfaces! (Free Shipping)

Countertop PlasticCounter Top plastic removal

GPS Countertop Plastic

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  • Scratch protection for all types of countertops
  • Blue tinted polyethylene film, 3 mil thickness
  • State-of-the-art adhesive system
  • Easily installed and removed
    • Size:  24" x 500'- Blue
    •          30" x 500'- Blue
    •          24" x 600'- Clear

** Available in Red, Green, Blue- just about any color. Minimum orders may apply.

Where does everyone put their tool boxes, cans of paint, or work tools? On the counter! Before the counter gets scratched or stained why not protect it? Countertop Plastic is the self adhesive (sticky) plastic sheeting that keeps counters protected from damage from tool belts, workman standing on the counters to work over-head, etc.

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GPS DeckProtekTM  / GPS DeckProtek Diamond Deck Plate™


DeckProtek<sup>TM</sup> 14

GPS DeckProtekTM  / GPS DeckProtek Diamond Deck Plate™ is an extra heavy-duty Polyethylene Sheeting, Highly Fire Retardant, Protective Coverings for decks on Navy ships, Coast Guard Fleet, Mega yachts, Commercial Flooring, Hospitals, Laboratories, Government Facilities, and Power plants. It's highly economical and tough!

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GPS Deckprotek FR BLUE comes in a 13 mil Blue, with a roll size of 36" x 361'.

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GPS Anti-Static Fire Retardant 6 mil Polyethylene Sheeting- Dust doesn't stick to it!

Commonly referred to as GPS ASFR-6, (erroneously called, Anti-Static Visqueen) this 6 mil anti-static plastic film is a white** fire retardant film (plastic sheeting). It is an excellent for covering or enclosure film for many applications.  The fact that it does not store up static electricity is ideal if the work environment contains sensitive electronics. Since this 6 mil plastic sheeting/film does not have static electricity it does not attract dust like normal plastic sheeting, staying much cleaner.  ASFR can often be re-used in applications where other plastic sheeting products would need to be discarded and replaced with new.

** Available in Pink, Green, Blue- just about any color. Minimum orders may apply.

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GPS Floor Plastic-The Plastic Sheeting made especially for hard floors!



GPS Floor PlasticTM- This incredible self-adhesive (sticky) floor protection film will withstand your construction activities and foot traffic for 45 days in normal circumstances.  State of the art water-based adhesives are used while manufacturing this product under very strict quality assurance guidelines (ISO9001-2000 certified facilities) in the USA.  Also used to cover floors for lead based paint abatement! Are you looking to brand your job with your company colors? Floor Plastic is stocked in green, but can be made to order in other colors. We want you to have the best color for your branding.


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GPS Tacky Doormats- The Sticky Doormat!

 Tacky Doormats

Stop tracking dirt into unwanted areas. Place super sticky GPS Tacky Doormats in high traffic areas to protect and extend the life of finished floors and carpets. Mats are designed to remove dirt from shoes before entering houses, gym floors, construction sites, renovation areas, laboratories and clean rooms. There are many GPS Tacky Doormat sizes available!

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GPS Tacky Door Mat Base (White)

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