Flame Retardant Plastic Sheeting (Black and Off-White) AKA Fireproof Plastic, Fire Resistant, Fire Rated

GPS Anti-Static Fire/Flame Retardant 6 mil Polyethylene Sheeting or Static Free Plastic

Anti Static fire retardant

Flame Retardant GPS ASFR-6 is a static free plastic  that is fire retardant/fire resistant white film. **  It is an excellent covering or enclosure film for many applications.  The fact that it does not store up static electricity is ideal if the work environment contains sensitive electronics.  Because the film does not have static electricity it does not attract dust like normal plastic sheeting, so stays much cleaner.  Can often be re-used in applications where other products would need to be discarded and replaced with new. It can be hung to form a curtain, or used as a temporary surface protector. 

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Flame Retardant GPS ASFR Applications:

  • To protect equipment from debris or dust for telecommunications work
  • Forms an ideal barrier to contain asbestos, lead paint, hazardous dust particles
  • Used with Zipwall poles to separate a dusty work environment from a clean room
  • Cover or wrap important equipment during construction-to protect from paint or dust from ruining equipment

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6 mil Fire Retardant String Reinforced Poly- Made in the USA!


This Off-White string reinforced fire retardant plastic sheeting is strong and fire resistant!  The string reinforcement keeps the liner from tearing.  The Rol size is 20' x 100'.

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GPS DeckProtek 14mil  & 30 mil- Heavy Duty Flame Resistant in Battleship Gray

Deckprotek for ships and more

Extra Heavy-Duty, Highly Fire Retardant, Protective Coverings for decks on Navy ships, Coast Guard Fleet, Megayachts, Commercial Flooring, Hospitals, Laboratories, Government Facilities, and Power plants. 

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NASA Plastic- The Non- Adhesive, Self-Adhesive Plastic Sheeting

NASA Plastic comes in 3 mil, 5 mil, 10 mil, 15 mil and 20 mil!

That's right. This film doesn't have adhesives yet it is self-adhesive! Comes in Fire Retardant- passing the NFPA 701 Test 1 Flamability Test, and non-Fire Retardant! Non- Fr NASA plastic is a clear film with an opaque finish. NASA Plastic FR is creamy white in color. If you need a special color, please ask.

  • Long-term protection with NO adhesive transfer
  • NASA Plastic TM can cover and protect many parts, pieces, surfaces that were difficult or impossible to cover successfully
  • ZERO chance of adhesive residue transfer!
  • Thicker films for protection of anything- 3 mil to 20 mil
  • Can withstand manufacturing operations where other self-adhesive films would fail
  • Can be removed and re-applied with no change in adhesion level
  • More Cost effective surface protection
  • No more cleaning, scraping of adhesive residue saves time and money

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GPS Carpet Plastic FR (Fire Retardant) for Carpet Protection

Carpet Plastic for carpet protection

This incredible fire retardant self-adhesive carpet protection polyethylene film will withstand construction activities and foot traffic for 45 days in normal circumstances

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GPS Black FR 4 mil (Fire Retardant) polyethylene- Flame Resistant Plastic Sheeting

GPS Black FR 4 mil is a black opaque polyethylene sheeting/black plastic sheeting, that is  fire retardant/flame resistant in a 4 mil. It is  excellent for Ccovering anything needing protection from UV, as this product blocks over 99.9% of UV Rays from coming through to the surface being protected.

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GPS Black FR 8 mil Polyethylene-Flame Resistant Plastic Sheeting

GPS Black FR 8 mil is an opaque flexible plastic sheeting [product that is  fire retardant.  It is 8 mils thick and is excellent for covering anything needing protection from UV, as this product blocks over 99.9% of UV Rays from coming through to the surface being protected.

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Dura-Skrim 10 FR (Fire Retardant) White

  • Insulation Membranes
  • Temporary Walls
  • Curtains
  • Job Site Coverings

Dura Skrim 10FR

DURA-SKRIM 10 FR  is a 10 mil, white film which consist of two sheets of high-strength virgin polyethylene fire retardant film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene.

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GPS Fluted Plastic FR Sheets

GPS Fluted Plastic Fire Retardant sheets are rigid corrugated boards 4mm White Correx Fluted Board 1220 x 2440

These sheets are an ideal substrate for a variety of construction applications.

FR Fluted "Corrugated" plastic sheets

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Dura-Skrim 2 FR (Fire Retardant)- Fumigation Covers, Insulation Membranes, Asbestos Abatements, Automotive 

Dura Skrim 2FR

DURA-SKRIM 2 FR is a 6 mil white plastic sheeting  which consist of two sheets of high-strength virgin fire retardant polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. 

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Dura-Skrim 2 FR


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Video on Fire Retardant VS Non- Fire Retardant Plastic

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Switchboard Matting- Best Mat-Electrical Grade-ASTM D 178

Best Mat is a switchboard matting or floor matting product which insulates workers from electrocution by interrupting the path to ground.

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