FEMA Tarps

FEMA- Blue Roof Fema Tarpaulin

Fema 10 mil Roof Plastic resized 600

FEMA 10 mil Roof PLASTIC (Blue Roof) is often specified by FEMA for Temporary Roofing and Temporary Shelter Applications.

Now in stock:  10 mil FEMA roof plastic

20' x 100'

40' x 100'

We can provide plastic sheeting to pass the following specs:

Color: Blue Pantone 3005c to 2945c
FEMA Logo: Printed both sides 14” x 9” (1” high print - NOT FOR RESALE)
Tensile Grab Strength: 50/50 lbf ASTM D7004
Elongation at Break: 550% ASTM D7004
Trapezoid Tear: 20/20 lbf ASTM D4533
Mullen Burst: 90 psi ASTM D751
Dimension Stability: <5% ASTM D1204
Oxidative Induction Time: 20 min ASTM D3895
Flame Retardant: Class A ASTM E84-97a
Seam Strength (Shear Strength) 80% of TD Tensile ASTM D751
(Peel Strength) 10 ppi ASTM D751
UV Resistance: 80% after 200 hr ASTM G23
Thickness: 10 mil ASTM D-5199-95
Multi-Axial % Deflection 20% ASTM D5617
Reinforcement Polyester 1000 Denier

Extrusion laminated sheeting, string reinforced, each roll wrapped with FEMA logo on wrapping, palletized not boxed, each pallet load wrapped with FEMA logo on wrapping.

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